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Legal Interview Answers
  • Legal Interview Answers

Legal Interview Answers

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Interview Answers for Lawyers, eBook version. Available for immediate download.


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Interview Answers Guide for Lawyers and Law Students. The guide is sold as an ebook available for instant download. A selection of writings, articles and advice sheets from Ten-Percent Legal Recruitment on how to answer interview questions during legal job interviews. Suitable for anyone due to be going for an interview for a position in a legal setting, whether you are interviewing or being interviewed.

The content below outlines the various subjects we have written about, and all the entries entitled "Question..." are suggested Answers and Advice.  


  • 5 Questions to ask at the end of interviews
  • The Rules of Legal Job Interviews
  • Guide to Interviewing for Employers
  • Question - Tell me how you would market our firm if you joined us.
  • Question – Tell me something about yourself
  • Question - If you had a million, how would you spend or invest it?
  • Question - Overcoming a Hurdle
  • Question – Are you ashamed of your 'new university' degree?
  • Question – How many [jobs] have you applied for?
  • Question – Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  • Question – How was your Journey?
  • Question - Is that your natural hair colour?
  • Question – What do you do in your Spare Time?
  • Question - Would you describe yourself as ambitious?
  • Question - What contribution do you make to a team?
  • Question - If you did not have to work, what would you do?
  • Question – Asking technical questions in a legal job interview
  • Question - What is your alternative career, should law not be the avenue for you?
  • Question - Discussing flexible hours or matters related to child care
  • Question - Do you prefer to work in a team or on your own?
  • Question - Why do you want to leave your current firm?
  • Question - If you could take one celebrity to a desert island, who would it be and why?
  • Question - What salary are you looking for?
  • Question - How do you react if you find that someone you work with does not like you?
  • Question - What are your weaknesses?
  • Question - In your view, what are the major problems/opportunities facing the legal industry?
  • Question - Tell me about a time when you successfully handled a situation?
  • Question - Why do you want to be a solicitor at this firm?
  • Question - Describe a situation requiring skills of negotiation and verbal reasoning.
  • Law firms using “The Apprentice” style selection techniques
  • Assessment Days – Training Contract Application – An Experience
  • Business Acumen - what's it all about?
  • ‘The Firm looked more like a brothel’ – The Interview from Hell
  • Holding Multiple Job Offers
  • What do you do if you do not know the answer to a question in interview?
  • Interview techniques for employers
  • Travel Expenses for Interviews
  • What to wear for an interview
  • Are Interviews a good way to assess a candidate?

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